Our Story

It had always been a dream of Sara’s to own a travel agency and when the year 2020 hit, it left travel agents everywhere with a lot of extra time on their hands as travel came to a screeching halt. Sara used that time to make her dream a reality and on June 23, 2020, she opened up Second Story Travel.

There’s just something magical about walking right down the middle of Main Street USA toward Cinderella castle, while the aroma of cookies, popcorn, and ice cream fills the air, a street trolley passes by, and a barber shop quartet sings a merry song, isn’t there?

But next time you walk Main Street USA: Look up.

One of Sara’s favorite parts of Main Street is looking up. Each window on Main Street bears an inscription of the name of the fictional vendor who “owns” the business housed in that building. The people’s names; however, are real and they are there for a reason.

The Main Street second story windows frame and honor names of people who have contributed greatly to the Walt Disney company. The honor only goes to those with the highest level of service, respect, and achievement.

And that’s why Sara named this travel agency: Second Story Travel.

Drawing from that inspiration, the name, Second Story Travel, is meant to remind of you the second story on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom and the logo is designed so that it looks like it could appear in one of those windows on Main Street.

In our imagination, we are the travel agency on the second story of Main Street & we offer our clients the highest level of service.