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Gia has had a love of all things Disney for as far back as she can remember. As a proud Disney Adult she has been to the parks at every stage of her life. She even spent half of her two week honeymoon in the parks, while the other half was spent in Costa Rica.

While her passion is in planning and taking Disney vacations, Gia is a lover of all travel and has been all over the world. Her top two favorite destinations outside of Disney are Italy and Costa Rica.

Since having her (almost 2 year old) daughter, her excitement for travel has grown even more! “Seeing Disney through my child’s eyes is a new kind of magic that is even more wonderful than I could’ve imagined.” As Gia will often say to those on the fence about booking trips with young children, “they may not remember it, but you’ll never forget it!”

A few other fun facts about Gia:

Favorite park: Animal Kingdom
Favorite snack: Chicken and Waffles at Sleepy Hollow Favorite ride: Haunted Mansion
Favorite Parade: Boo To You
Favorite Character Meal: 1900 Park Fare
Favorite dining location: California Grill