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Greetings, fellow dreamers! I’m Andrea Duprey, your fresh-faced Disney travel guide. With a heart full of pixie dust and a map of Neverland, I’m here to weave enchantment into your vacation plans. Whether you’re yearning for a spooky mansion tour with Grim Grinning Ghosts or a dole whip date with Stitch, count on me to make your wishes come true.

As a single mom of four, I know the importance of creating enchanting memories for families. Let’s sprinkle pixie dust on your adventures!  As a Florida resident for over 30 years, I’ve had a long-standing passion for Disney.  My kids and I visit Walt Disney World often and each time is like our first visit.  


  1. Single-Parent Navigator: I’ve mastered the art of juggling strollers, autograph books, and churros. Let’s make your Disney journey seamless!
  2. Haunted Hideaways Expert: I know the best spots to encounter friendly ghosts and eerie tales. Let’s explore the Haunted Mansion together!
  3. Fantasy Foodie: Craving a Mickey-shaped pretzel or a Belle-inspired feast? I’ll guide you to the most magical bites.
  4. Adventure Architect: From Space Mountain to Pandora’s bioluminescent forest, I’ll design your thrill-seeking itinerary.

Favorite Disney Memory:

When I danced with Peter Pan on the starlit shores of Neverland. We twirled amidst fireflies, and the second star to the right guided our steps.

Fun Fact:

I once convinced Maleficent to trade her staff for a glow-in-the-dark wand. She rocked it at the next villain karaoke night!

Ready to embark on your whimsical Disney adventure? Just say the magic words, and I’ll sprinkle stardust on your dreams! ✨🌟🏰