The Story behind the name:

There’s just something magical about walking right down the middle of Main Street USA toward Cinderella castle, while the aroma of cookies, popcorn, and ice cream fills the air, a street trolley passes by, and a barber shop quartet sings a merry song, isn’t there?

But next time you walk Main Street USA: Look up.

Each window on Main Street bears an inscription of the name of the fictional vendor who “owns” the business housed in that building. The people’s names; however, are real and they are there for a reason.

The Main Street second story windows frame and honor names of people who have contributed greatly to the Walt Disney company. The honor only goes to those with the highest level of service, respect, and achievement.

Drawing from that inspiration, the name, Second Story Travel, is meant to remind of you the second story on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom and the logo is designed so that it looks like it could appear in one of those windows on Main Street.

In our imagination, we are the travel agency on the second story of Main Street & we offer our clients the highest level of service.

What it’s like to be a travel agent:

Our name is just the beginning! Over the last years, we’ve traveled all over the world and had the best time doing it! It’s so much fun to help our clients plan their vacations and it’s equally fun to travel ourselves!

They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, and that has proven to be true for our Second Story family. We try to take at least a couple trips together each year and they are always full of laughter and memories! We become closer together each trip we take and we also learn how to be better travel agents for our clients.

We even bring our families along sometimes and our kids have become easy friends. Listening to them talk, as travel agent kids, is adorable. They will talk about their favorite rides, how to best rope drop a park, and what Disney snack is a must-do.

Want to become part of our team?

We are a smaller agency on purpose. Our goal is to remain small, so we keep our close-knit family feel, but mighty! We intentionally keep an eye out for people to join us who love to travel as much as we do and who are passionate about making vacation dreams come true!

You can learn more HERE to see if Second Story would be the right fit for you!