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There’s magic in the making! 

Some say Katelynn’s love for Disney manifested before she was born, as her mother’s baby shower was “Disney-Babies” themed. In her younger years of life, Katelynn’s family would travel to Fort Myers, Florida annually to visit her great-grandmother & before they left the state, they would stop by Walt Disney World to spend a few days in the parks.

As she grew up, she was constantly surrounded by all things Disney — Disney parks, Disney movies, Disney songs, Disney toys.. everything. The 90’s decade was the best Disney-decade after all! 😉 

These fond memories shaped Katelynn into the travel agent she is today. She often reflects on these earlier memories in her life & strives to help families make magical memories of their own that they too can cherish.

In 2017, Katelynn started her travel career & has been helping families all around the country since! Not only does Katelynn sell Disney vacations, but she also sells Universal vacations & Sandals and Beaches Resort getaways too!