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Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I’m 26 years old. I have a family dog that I adore, named Lily. I love to travel! I love to watch movies (mostly Disney), listen to music, put together jigsaw puzzles and photography. I currently work for the government and I also own a small photography business.

My Disney story started when I was a child. My family would go to Disney World every couple of years during my childhood. I grew up watching Disney Channel and Disney movies. I was an extreme fan even then.

My favorite characters are Aurora, Ariel, Simba, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse.

I’ve been to Disneyland twice in the last year. My first trip was in October of 2022 for my birthday. It was such an amazing time getting to see Disneyland for the first time. My second trip was at the beginning August 2023. This trip was different because I felt more at home visiting again.

My first Disney World trip was probably back in the early 2000s as a child, from the pictures it looks like I had a great time! My recent memories of Disney World are fun to share because I became a cast member via the Disney College Program in 2019. This experience is something I talk about a lot because of the memories of working there and the adventures during that time being truly magical.

Disney is just a wonderful place to make memories with friends and family! It truly an honor to be a part of helping make those memories come to life.

Disney World Facts:
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Snack: Mickey Pretzel
Top 3 Favorite Rides:
1. Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid
2. Mt. Everest
3. Space Mountain
Favorite Dining Location: Cinderella’s Royal Table
Favorite Resort: Art of Animation